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Approximately 25 men reside under the mentorship of Joe Pellow at any given time. We don't hire house managers we promote from with in our organization. A house manager earns the title through demonstrating excellent character, trust and leadership. This position is generally a huge honor for someone who may have spent much of their life making questionable choices. 

Our sober living homes provide an atmosphere of recovery. Through support, structure, encouragement and Christian guidance, we offer a place that will give men a starting point for a new beginning.  They will build self-confidence, learn the value of community as well as service and get back on track to having a productive life.

//Joe-Ism 03: Never, ever entertain the thought “I can’t.”

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House Amenities

Living a sober life style is challenging enough without a secure and safe place to rest your body at night!

  • Modern, comfortable furnishings

  • Full-size kitchen with all necessary appliances

  • Laundry services on site

  • Private swimming pool

  • Ping-pong table

  • Theatre-style living room

  • Pool table

  • Private Workout Room

  • Digital Cable

  • Fast Internet


Pellow House Rules and Standards

1.  No use of drugs or alcohol.  Residents agree to random drug and alcohol testing.  The Pellow House is a tobacco-free facility.  No tobacco products or vaping allowed on the premises.

2.  No pornography or gambling.

3.  Romantic, flirtatious, sexual non-marital relationships are not allowed while at the Pellow House.

4.  No physical, verbal abuse or threat of violence or intimidation.

5.  Resident is required to check in with mentor between 12:00 noon and 3:00 p.m. every day.

6.  Curfew is 8:00 PM for any new resident. For all others, curfew is 10:00 PM unless extended by mentor.

7.  All residents are required to have employment. Two meetings a day are required until employment is obtained. Meetings are available in the metro area from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

8.  Spirituality is a must in recovery.  Attending weekly and being active in a Christian church of your choice is required.

9.  All residents agree to a minimum of 4 hours per month of community service

10.  Resident will attend the Pellow House Schedule, No Excuses AA, Celebrate Recovery, PO men’s mentoring, or other meetings as directed by mentor.

11.  Residents agree that no over the counter drugs will be utilized without the approval of the mentor.

12.  No guests are allowed at the Pellow House unless approved by the mentor. Approved guest are restricted to the common areas of the house and are the responsibility of the occupant.

13.  Resident is financially responsible for any damage they or their guest have caused to the facility or its contents.

14.  Resident will respect the privacy and property of other residents and neighbors.

15.  No parking in front of neighbors homes.

16.  Residents are expected to practice daily hygiene and good grooming habits. Sideburns, mustaches, and beards should be neatly trimmed. Piercings are not permitted.

17.  Language should be polite and lacking in vulgarity.

18.  Housekeeping Responsibilities: Housekeeping/Yard chores will be assigned weekly. 

19. Overnight privileges may be granted through Joe Pellow only if resident is actively working, has obtained a sponsor, and completed Step 1 of either the AA or Celebrate Recovery programs.

Common areas: Are to be kept clean and neat at all times, with any items, including those used for eating, cooking, crafts, housecleaning, etc, being cleaned and put away immediately following use.

Personal area: Bed made, clothes properly put away, and bathroom left clean at all times. 

Financial Responsibilities of Residents

Failure to abide by rules can result in immediate expulsion. 
The Pellow House, mentor or members of the Pellow Outreach are not responsible for any negative action or injury to a resident.

Any misrepresentation of material facts will result in immediate expulsion from the house, with no refunds.

The Pellow House is not responsible for loss or damage to property belonging to the resident. A 30-day notice is required of any resident wishing to leave Pellow House early.


Ministry Meeting Schedule

All support group meetings are mandatory.


AA Meeting of your choice


AA Meeting of your choice


9:15 A.M May Club,
Britton and May Ave,
Men’s AA meeting


Church of your choice


6:30 PM Life Group
Pellow House
6904 Briarcreek Drive,
Oklahoma City, OK 73162


6:30 PM Pellow Outreach Men’s Support Group
6420 S. Air Depot Blvd.,
Oklahoma City, OK 73135


Home Recovery Group