Do you have what it takes to "do" recovery with us?

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About Us

Through the sober living and mentoring homes, individuals find

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accountability, structure, encouragement and Christian guidance.


Men are encouraged to mentor one another and pass on the healing they have learned from each other. Approximately 25 men reside under the mentorship of Joe Pellow at any given time.

At Pellow Outreach, we fight shoulder-to-shoulder with individuals as they battle their addictions. We encourage residents to remain in our sober living homes for at least one year. We have tracked our former residents over the past six years and find that 84% of those who remained with us for a year or more are still sober today!


Pellow Outreach is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. We are 100% supported by your donations.
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Standards We Live By

Men are taught how to live in sobriety and are required, but not limited to the following standards:


Participate in random drug and alcohol testing. 


Secure employment.


Attend daily meetings as directed by the mentor.


Attend the Christian Church of their choice.


Follow curfew.


Keep a clean cut appearance.

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Are you ready to make a change?


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Meet Joe

Under his direction, the two Sober-Living/ Mentoring homes, known as the Pellow Houses, have provided the safe environment needed for men in recovery to focus on making good life choices, develop responsibility and be held accountable for their actions. As a certified Life Coach, Joe leads by example as he encourages, counsels and mentors the men living under his direction. As a former meth addict, facing a potential 35 year sentence, Joe was able to conquer his addiction with the help and accountability of Jim Riley. He continues to pay it forward as a strong role model, spiritual counselor and leader for these men in recovery.


The road to recovery begins here.

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